May 4th, 2010

Writer’s Toolbox

by Laura Drake

At Stephen King’s suggestion (no, he’s not a personal friend – it’s in his book, On Writing), I created a file on my computer entitled “Toolbox”.  In it, I keep my tools for writing.  One section is for websites that come in handy for reading or writing.  I’ll share the best with you here.  More can be found at:

Here are my favorites:

 Reading- – (of course) – For reviews by NYT, and many others – A free online used book sharing site – Did I say FREE?! – find/purchase out of print books

 Writing – – The best online thesaurus I’ve ever found – The best dictionary I’ve found – Online translator – popular languages (no Swahili-sorry) – Names – listed by country as well.

· Quotations:

· Slang:

· Movie Cliches

· Rhyming Dictionary

· Lyrics

Urban Dictionary

Slang Dictionary

Language Dictionary

Alpha Agora: A forum for discussions on dialects, slang, accents, etc.

Internet Acronym Server

RhymeZone Rhyming Dictionary and Thesaurus

Dictionary and Thesaurus – Merriam-Webster Online

 Word Spy – The Top 100



WA’s Curious Words Page

· Grammar…

· Ask Jeeves|pg:1

Agent Query – I use this – its’ the BEST! – critting queries free!

Check out agents – scams

· Thesaurus

· Maps

 Critiquing -great, especially for new writers.


Romance sites

Market/event listings/writer organizations – writing conferences

Just plain interesting!

 I collect these like baseball cards – you can’t have too many!  I’m always looking for new helpful sites, so I’d love to hear your favorites.


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  • Vince Gibson

    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for sharing the wealth! I have a few of those saved already, but had no idea there so many other useful sites.



  • is great for silly trope fun, in TV and non-TV flavours. It’s like Wikipedia but waaaaaaaay more casual and fun to read. They even give writing prompts and trope scrambling.