June 17th, 2011

Devilish Fun…A Worldwide Book Launch Party!

by Jenny Hansen

The Man of the Week here at Writers in the Storm is author, James Rollins. His new book, The Devil Colony  will be out on Tuesday, June 21st!

For a great summary of the entire Sigma Force series, take a peek at Tiffany White’s post today over on “The Ooo Factor.”

The current book took James nearly two years of research to write and it looks like it’s going to be amazing!

Writers in the Storm started the party early last night at our favorite Italian place with signs and books and witchy hats. Below are my favorites of the pictures we took.

From Left: Jenny, Laura, Fae, Sharla


Fae in her witchy hat!


How can you get in on the party?

  • Come hang with us on Twitter at #DevilColony.
  • Hold your own Devil-themed party and take pictures.
  • Stock enough of your favorite munchies to stay close to your computer on Tuesday.

What are we gonna do at #DevilColony?
Have a blast, of course! Socialize, hang out with James, our favorite tweeps and all the literary luminaries who happen to stop in. You know, the best-selling authors, agents, editors who want to visit with James.

FUN FACT: Did you know James is a veterinarian in real life? (A handsome guy who loves puppies…*sigh*)

Laura Drake fans herself with James' Hot Book...

What else is happening on #DevilColony besides “hanging out?”
Prizes! Not only are you there to meet, greet and Follow, you are encouraged to upload pictures of your party in progress. People will randomly be chosen for prizes, but the MOST CREATIVE pictures will make their way to a Wall of Fame over on James’ site, and can also win the big Mystery Prize.

As you know, Kristen Lamb is hosting the main party on Twitter over at #DevilColony, plus there’s a Facebook page if you prefer to post your pictures there.

Are there other places to party? (Of course!)

So, are you a James Rollins fan? Do you just love books, and hanging out with other writers, in general? Will we be seeing you at the Party of the Year??

p.s. If Twitter is what’s holding you back, go get signed up!

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