January 1st, 2014

Seven Predictions for Your Writing in 2014

by Fae Rowen

Fae's Gazing Ball

Fae’s Gazing Ball

Who wouldn’t want a sneak peek at 2014? A chance for insider information about what’s in store?

Well, as the resident science and science fiction geek here at WITS, I’m going to share what my friends in the know, in particular Jeanine Just, have to say about the next 365 days.

We’re talking about potentialities here–the physics of energy. So don’t take anything as set in stone. (Though, I looked back at the suggestions for 2013, and I wish I’d taped the page to my wall to remind myself of them.)

1. First, on January 31, we’ll celebrate the Chinese New Year and the beginning of the Year of the Horse, Wood Horse to be specific. This is a year of youthful vitality and freedom, a year of balanced emotions. This is a year to settle down and commit to long-term plans. It’s time to start the writing project that’s been languishing in the wishful thinking area of your brain.

2. This is a seven year. A year of intellect, with chances to wax philosophical and feel the rhythms of life. Use your time for solitary reflection, dreams, analysis, and intuition. Plan on spending more alone time this year. This will boost your creativity. When you’re with others, take advantage of the opportunity to cooperate and teach others what you know.

3. Forward is the only direction to go. There is no room for you to wiggle your way out of your destiny. Be businesslike, efficient, and prepared to take advantage of the opportunities awaiting you.

Sedona rocks4.Let go of old ideas about things and people you know. You are likely to feel like you’re –cliche alert!– between a rock and a hard place, but everyone will be, because there will be a lot of change this year.

Be prepared for lots of misunderstandings. (You can explain yourself, but allow others to work out their own “stuff”, just as you will need to.) Don’t be surprised if you feel differently about doing things you’ve previously enjoyed that just don’t give you the same juice. You may cancel activities, but not for the reason you think, because you just don’t feel like yourself.

5. Depend on your hunches to lead you down the path of success this year. Expect Kauaisynchronicity, destined connections, and many interesting, unusual experiences. Seek deeper meaning, perhaps by spending time in nature. Ask yourself what makes you come alive–then go get it! Your inspiration is at an all-time high this year. Take advantage of it.

6. It is a year for writers to write, particularly if you are sharing your wisdom about life. Do the necessary research, analysis, observation and investigation. Your creativity and inner desire to live your destiny will override your fear. Speak to people and groups about your writing, even if you aren’t published yet. People want to know about your projects. Connect with like-minded people.

Fae at the base of the Great Pyramid7. Take care of your health. Sleep when you’re tired. Don’t work too hard. Find time for rest and relaxation. Take mini-vacations that nourish your soul. Consider meditation to open a path to the wisdom, simplicity and unlimited possibilities awaiting you in 2014.

I am energized and excited about 2014. It feels like it’s time to reap the benefits of all the hard knocks and work from last year–and the ones before! I just know good things are going to happen for me. And for my friends. Here’s to all of us having an amazing year with many wonderful dreams coming true and an order of magnitude of sharing good news unprecedented before on Writers in the Storm.

Happy New Year!

How are you feeling about the coming year? Do you have additional insights into this year? Something great to share?

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