November 16th, 2015

14 Agents Seeking Science Fiction Novels NOW

Chuck Sambuchino

In celebration of my three new books released this September, I’m doing a lot of special lists of agents seeking queries right now. I’ve already done lists on picture book agents, thriller agents, fantasy agents, horror agents, women’s fiction agents,  and agents seeking diverse kidlit books. Below find a list for 14 agents seeking adult science fiction novels NOW.

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All the 14 agents listed below personally confirmed to me as of October 2015 that they are actively seeking science fiction submissions for adults NOW. (This is not YA/MG sci-fi. That will be a different list). Some gave personal notes about their tastes while some did not. Good luck querying!

munier1. Paula Munier (Talcott Notch Literary)

Notes: “High concept only.”

How to submit: E-query editorial [at] with “Query for Paula: [title]” in the subject line.





2. Kaylee Davis (Dee Mura Literary)

Notes: “Word count under 120,000.”

How to submit: Send query, synopsis, and first 25 pages to query [at] No attachments please.





3. Carlie Webber (CK Webber Associates)

Notes: “I am looking specifically for science fiction that has elements of the world we live in now. Books set centuries in the future or a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away are probably not for me.”

How to submit: To submit your work for consideration, please send a query letter, synopsis, and the first 30 pages or three chapters of your work, whichever is more, to carlie [at] and put the word “Query” in the subject line of your email. You may include your materials either in the body of your email or as a Word or PDF attachment. Blank emails that include an attachment will be deleted unread. E-mail queries only.


biagi4. Laura Biagi (Jean V. Naggar Literary)

Notes: “Only in a literary or mainstream vein”

How to submit: Follow the instructions on the agency’s submissions page.




morgan5. Sam Morgan (Jabberwocky Literary)

How to submit: querysam [at]

Send the query and your first five pages pasted into the email. No attachments.




gottlieb6. Mark Gottlieb (Trident Media)

How to submit: Use the online submission form here. Make sure you direct your inquiry to Mark.





(Hi, everyone. Chuck here chiming in for a second. I wanted to say I am now taking clients as a freelance editor. So if your query or manuscript needs some love, please check out my editing services. Thanks!)


gregory7. Evan Gregory (Ethan Ellenberg Literary)

Notes: “Action-oriented SF, military SF, space opera, but also looking for that weird stuff which really pushes the envelope.”

How to submit: Please send submissions to agent [at] to the attention of Evan. “For email submissions, we ask that you paste all materials into the body of the email in the order mentioned below. For example, if you were submitting fiction you would begin with a brief query letter, followed by your synopsis, followed by the first 50 pages of your manuscript. We will not open attachments.”


megibow8. Sara Megibow (kt literary)

How to submit: ”Please e-mail your query letter and the first three pages of your manuscript in the body of the email to saraquery [at] The subject line of your email should include the word ‘Query’ along with the title of your manuscript. No attachments. We aim to reply to all queries within two weeks of receipt. In addition, if you’re an author who is sending a new query, but who previously submitted a novel to us for which we requested chapters but ultimately declined, please do say so in your query letter. If we like your query, we’ll ask for the first five chapters and a complete synopsis. For our purposes, the synopsis should include the full plot of the book, including the conclusion. Don’t tease us.”


heymont9. Lane Heymont (The Seymour Agency)

Notes: “Military sci-fi, keep it fresh.”

How to submit: How to connect: Send all queries to lane [at] The subject line should be “QUERY: (Title)”. Please past the first five pages in the body of the e-mail. Please do not query Nicole Resciniti (also on this list) if querying Lane.



campbell10. Beth Campbell (BookEnds, Inc.)

Notes: “I will look at hard sci-fi but prefer soft.”

How to submit: E-query bcsubmissions [at] No attachments. “If you haven’t received a response to a query after 8 weeks, we ask that you simply resend the query. It’s possible that it was eaten by a spam filter on either our end or yours.”



flaherty11. Heather Flaherty (The Bent Agency)

Notes: “Soft sci-fi only.”

How to submit: flahertyqueries [at] the Please do not query Heather if you are also querying Beth Phelan of The Bent Agency, who is also on this list. Paste the first ten pages of your book in the body of your email.



odom12. Monica Odom (Bradford Literary)

Notes: “Ideally something that would also be picked up by non-genre readers (think The Martian).”

How to submit: E-query monica [at] Put “Query: [title]” in your subject line. Please email a query letter along with the first chapter of your manuscript and a synopsis. Please be sure to include the genre and word count in your cover letter.”


moore13.  Mary C. Moore (Kimberley Cameron & Associates)

Notes: “No dystopian.”

How to submit: Click the link and fill out the submission form.



resciniti14. Nicole Resciniti (The Seymour Agency)

How to submit: Send all queries to nicole [at] The subject line should be “QUERY: (Title).” Please past the first five pages in the body of the e-mail. [If you query Nicole, do not query Lane Heymont, who is also featured on this list.)



GIVEAWAY: In two weeks time, Chuck will pick a random commenter from this post to win any of his 3 new books. Simply comment to win.

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