February 5th, 2018

Some Hearts and Flowers Love – Pimp & Promote!

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and at Writers in the Storm, we’re marking the occasion with a little “Pimp and Promote.” Of course, this always costs us some money, because we have to go out and buy lots of books. But let’s go for it!

How does this work?

To quote the genie in Aladdin, “There are a few provisos, a couple of quid-pro-quos…”

  • Pimp out somebody else’s work – this can be a favorite author, blogger, post or book you’ve read, a wonderful teacher or just someone who had profound influence on you as a writer or a person. Please limit your comments to one work.
  • Promote one of your projects that you’re excited about – a hobby, a blog, a book, or a new direction your writing is taking you. You decide. Just tell us about it in the comments! (Please restrain your enthusiasm to just one of your WIPs.) The rest of us will jump in and “ooooh and ahh” at you, and likely promote your project even further because we’re just so darn excited today.

We’ll start things off by doing some P&P with the gals here at WITS…

Fae Rowen      

Pimping: Sol Stein’s books have helped me edit, plan, and “fix” my books. They are all great.

Promoting: P.R.I.S.M.:Prisoner Relocation Internment Security Management, my debut YA speculative book with romantic elements. I’m working on the second book in the series for a summer 2018 release.






Julie Glover

One Stop for Writers LogoPimpage: Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi, known for their thesauri collection, host an amazing subscription service with online tools for writers — which I now consider a must-have. Check out One Stop for Writers!

Promotage: If you’re in the Chicago area, or just want to come for a great conference, I’ll be at the Chicago Spring Fling Conference on April 20-21. Come hear a workshop on grammar that I promise you’ll find interesting and useful — dare I say it, even fun.


Jenny Hansen

This is rough, because I love what these other ladies are pimping – particularly Julie’s stuff…I heart One Stop!

Pimpage: I’ve learned a lot from Jeff Goins, Margie Lawson and AWAI over the last several months. I have classes I’m self-studying my way through from all of them. I look to Jeff Goins for information on building a solid brand. I depend on Margie’s lecture packets for great examples of body language and strong writing. And AWAI has helped me get up to speed on copywriting and how to find paying clients for my web content and social media services.

Promotage: If you’re in the Orange County area, particularly Fullerton, on February 10, stop into the Orange County Chapter of RWA meeting on the Cal State Fullerton campus for an amazing session with Lisa Cron. I’ll be there, helping the meeting run smooth, and I’m so excited to see Lisa speak again. She is amazing!


Laura Drake

Pimpage: Colleen Story has a great book out to help writers! Overwhelmed Writer Rescue! 

Promotage: I teach classes! The most recent was ‘Your First Five Pages’ at Margie Lawson’s Writer Academy. Check out my schedule for the rest of the year here: Laura Drake Events.







See? Easy-peasy. Only one of us wrote this, but all of us are represented — that’s the spirit of P&P.

Don’t be shy — tell your pals! 

We are open for as many entries as you want, and you’re welcome to send anyone who reads great stuff our way. We want to hear about it! Be sure to peruse the comments. You might find a few things you like in the plethora of pimping that’s about to ensue.

Thanks again for making WITS one of the top writer’s blogs. We appreciate you!

~  Fae, Jenny, Julie and Laura

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