April 10th, 2017

Stuck in a Rut: How to Amp Up a “Boring” Story Setting

Angela Ackerman

Taking the time to choose the right setting for each scene is one of the best ways to ensure our writing has impact. Why? Because the setting touches everything. It can characterize the story’s cast, evoke mood, generate conflict, shape the plot, and even use symbols and emotional triggers to show readers […]

March 5th, 2012

Place Descriptions – Part 2: Waterways

By Sharla Rae

In my first blog on place descriptions, Place Descriptions: It’s about Atmosphere Not A Travel Log, I promised to deliver more place descriptions. Today’s list is about waterways, lakes, oceans, rivers, and seas.

I was very tempted to list all kinds of boats and ships and marine life. I had to remind […]