August 18th, 2017

No Road She Can’t Travel

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Does it speak well for women, or badly, that while the classic Hero’s Journey involves 12 steps, the innovative Heroine’s Journey involves 13?

Is that because women take longer to reach their happily ever after? Or does it mean they have more fascinating avenues to explore than men?

 Actually, either gender could […]

August 19th, 2016

Braiding Your Book

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

What does braiding a book mean?

Off the top of my head, that seems like an easy question. Since a braid has three parts, a braided book has — hmm.

Goal / motivation / conflict.

A hero / heroine / villain.

Emotions / actions / thoughts.

Description / dialogue / narrative.


February 19th, 2016

What is Your Character’s Driving Force?


Laurie Schnebly Campbell

We all want interesting characters. People who fascinate us. People who make readers feel intrigued. People who do more than sit in the garden and gaze at the grass. And we’ve all read books where, even if the characters aren’t spending every minute gazing at the grass, they aren’t doing much else […]

August 21st, 2015

Using The Heroine’s Journey for Inner Conflict

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

EVERY story is an adventure. We already know these characters will come face-to-face with all kinds of excitement, challenge and danger–whether that danger involves dastardly villains or a reluctance to fall in love.

A lot of readers are thrilled when a story’s main adventure involves bullets, pirates, dragons or floods. Sometimes all […]

May 15th, 2015

The Art of the Book Blurb

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

What makes people talk about your book before they’ve ever read Page 1?

Well, maybe they remember you from high school and can’t wait to see if they’re featured on page 28.

Or maybe they heard the publisher paid a billion-dollar advance to get your manuscript.

Or maybe they saw that Josh […]