November 6th, 2015

Becoming your POV Character

Marcy Kennedy

One of the most common writing challenges is avoiding point-of-view errors. It doesn’t seem to matter where we are along the writing path—from newbie to multi-published—point-of-view errors crop up like many-headed hydra. Just when we think we’ve got them all, there’s another head coming around to bite us from behind.

When we start […]

August 3rd, 2015

5 Techniques for Amazing Internal Dialogue

Marcy Kennedy


photo credit: Captain Gordon Wiebe via photopin (license)

If I took a survey asking writers what the most important elements of fiction were, I’d probably end up with a few consistent answers—plot, characters, dialogue, showing rather than telling.

We might not automatically think of including internal dialogue on the list, but […]

November 21st, 2014

The 12 Best Hashtags for Writers

Marcy Kennedy

Hashtags are one of the best things about Twitter. (In case you’re brand new to Twitter, a hashtag is the # sign followed by a term.)

Normally, your tweets are seen only by people who’re following you, but if you add a hashtag, everyone who’s watching that hashtag sees what you’ve tweeted. If […]

September 20th, 2013

How to Write a Captivating Blog Title

And now, for the winner of last Friday’s THE TRICKY PART contest: Congratulations to Evelyn Berry, the winner of Laurie Schnebly Campbell‘s writing class. Evelyn, you can contact Laurie directly about your class.

Today we welcome guest blogger Marcy Kennedy, author of Strong Female Characters, with advice for all of you who blog–or are […]

March 13th, 2013

How to Use Your Logline, Tagline, and Pitch to Create a Stronger Story

Photo by Kristin Nador ~ WANA Commons

by Marcy Kennedy

Most of us think of a logline, tagline, and pitch as marketing tools we write after we’ve written our story so that we can use them to land an agent or as our book’s cover copy.

We’re doing it backwards.

If we wait until […]