June 8th, 2012

Finding Mr. Wrong — and the secret message of “I’ll call you.”

Rob’s last male POV blog was so popular we nagged invited him to return to WITS. We asked for it, ladies – we got it!

Finding the right relationship is the most important decision two people ever make. What percentage of murders result from failed relationships? Fifty? More?

The popularity of the romance genre […]

April 4th, 2012

#Women Are From Venus, Men Are Annoying — A Guest Post

By Rob Preece

While sitting at an autographing at the Romantic Times Convention several years ago, a woman hurried up to my table. I gave her my best “I’m-safe” smile.

The signing hadn’t gone well so far—could I be on the verge of something good?

“I have to tell you,” she said… Tell me […]