June 3rd, 2016

Fine-Tune Your Dialogue To Serve Your Story (And Your Reader)

by Amy Sue Nathan

Dialogue adds color to your story.

Writing dialogue gets a character out of my head (and his or hers) and alive on the page in a conversation with other characters, and ostensibly, with the reader. It’s one of my favorite parts of novel writing.

To make sure I keep my […]

August 8th, 2012

A Tale of Two Conferences

By Laura Drake

Laura, in her normal habitat.

I’m only beginning to come out of my post-conference fog, and to get my head around all the work I have to do! Before I jump into that though, I wanted to tell you what I learned from this conference. Hopefully it will help you decide […]

July 7th, 2010

Jenny Hansen

Jenny Hansen writes women’s fiction, chick lit and short stories flavored with a large dash of humor… […]