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Author: John Peragine

Time for a Second Edition

by John Peragine


So, you’ve written your novel, it’s selling, and the reviews are in. They are mostly positive, but a few consistent critiques may be keeping you up at night. You read back through your book, and you notice minor errors here and there, and that only increases your anxiety.… Read the post

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New Programs on Amazon - Do They Help Authors?

by John Peragine

 Amazon can be sneaky sometimes and add new features with little lead time nor explanation. In the past few weeks, some new features have appeared to help authors and potentially harm them. The Big A is a company that wants to keep every cent it makes, hurting authors’ bottom lines.… Read the post

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Confessions of a Naïve Author

by John Peragine

When you embark on the journey to go a non-traditional route of publishing, including self-publishing, hybrid publishing, or small/medium-sized publishers, you take on a lot.

We concentrate so much on the craft that when it comes to handing it over to someone else, we often want to crawl back to the comfortable place and begin the creation process again.… Read the post

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Serialization Storytelling- Part 2 Vella
By John Peragine

There has been quite the buzz about Kindle’s new offering- Kindle Vella. It has not launched quite yet. Insiders tell me it will be in June 2021. But, authors can start creating stories right now. So what is Vella, and why all the hubbub?… Read the post

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Serialization Storytelling- Part 1

by John Peragine

One of the hot new forms of writing right now is serialization. This is breaking up a story into smaller digestible parts, much like episodes of your favorite TV series. While the trend is hot and fresh, the concept of serialization is not new.… Read the post

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