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Ingredients for a Successful Story Climax

by Becca Puglisi

Becca Puglisi gives us the ingredients for a successful story climax illustrated by the rendering of battling light sabers

Escalation is an important element of story structure. The opening pages are often quiet as key players are introduced, the setting is established, and readers are given a glimpse of what's wrong in the protagonist's world. The catalyst then provides a choice, where the hero leaves their ordinary world and steps into a new one.… Read the post

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Creative Ways to Brainstorm Story Ideas

By Becca Puglisi

Inspiration is a fickle beast. She strikes at inopportune times (3 AM, anyone?) then disappears for months on end. She doesn't call, she doesn't write. Or maybe she treats you differently, pouring on so many ideas that you can't tell the golden nuggets from the stinky ones.… Read the post

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Failure, Conflict, and Character Arc

by Becca Puglisi

The change arc. The process whereby, over the course of a story, the protagonist becomes aware of their weakness and evolves in whatever way is necessary for them to achieve their story goal.

Joseph Campbell called this kind of character The Hero with a Thousand Faces because, while each protagonist is different and they each have their own problems, their journey is the same.… Read the post

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Tips for Landing a Guest Posting Gig

by Becca Puglisi

I’m so happy to be back at Writers in the Storm today talking about writerly goodness with all of you. I get to do this a couple of times each year, thanks to this crew’s generosity. And it all started with me reaching out and begging requesting a guest posting opportunity.… Read the post

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Compassion Fatigue: Is it Relevant for Your Characters?

By Becca Puglisi

We know the importance of making our characters authentic, believable, and memorable for readers. But relevance is important, too, because it makes them relatable. Readers see characters who are facing the same issues they’re facing or dealing with the same struggles they’re dealing with, and a bond is formed.… Read the post

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