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How to Show Emotion in Characters Who Hide Their Feelings
Photo of a man with a short, tidy beard and concerned expression, wearing a zipped up hoodie, staring out a portal window

by Eldred Bird

As writers we’ve all had “show, don’t tell” pounded into our heads by teachers, editors, and other writers. That’s all well and good in most situations, but what if you have a character who doesn’t like to show how they’re feeling.… Read the post

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Ready, set … not ready? Not yet?

By William F. Wu

Image is of two clocks with gold rims, white faces, and gold roman numerals, each has a pair of wings on it. Flying at a diagonal, the front one is in sharp detail with the rear and lower one blurred.

I’m writing this with two longtime friends of mine in mind. I’ll call them Carol and Rick. Both were close to my age. Carol died in her sixties and Rick died some years later in his seventies, both of natural causes. … Read the post

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Uncovering the truth behind “Write what you know”

by Miffie Seideman

Mark Twain quote - write what you know

If you’ve been penning stories for any length of time, you’ve already been exposed to countless writing tips. One such tip is “Write what you know.” This well-meaning phrase is not only often misunderstood, but also creates angst and even creative blocks among writers. … Read the post

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How to Write a Book in a Day

by Nick Thacker

That’s right. 80,000 words. 16 hours. One book. 

What I (and many others) thought was impossible turned out to be possible (though exhausting!) with the help of one often-overlooked tool: 


Now, I’m not talking about running a country — I’m referring to speaking or talking our text aloud, into a recorder or microphone, to be transcribed live or later. … Read the post

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4 Tips For Memorable Characters From Jack Sparrow

by Lisa Hall-Wilson

Color illustration of a portrait of the character Jack Sparrow as played by Johnny Depp.

Captain Jack Sparrow, love him or hate him, most people FEEL something for the irascible pirate. What is it about Captain Jack that makes him so memorable? Anti-hero. Failed pirate. I mean, I find Jack hilarious, but would I necessarily want him in my life….… Read the post

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