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How to Gift Your Author Estate – Writing to Retire Part 2

By Kris Maze

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When a writer stops writing, maybe to retire or perhaps because they can no longer craft stories, where do their words go? What happens to the manuscripts, finished and incomplete, the notes, journals, social media accounts when a writer wants to or has to quit?… Read the post

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Retiring to Write or Writing to Retire – Part 1

By Kris Maze

Can authors ever really, truly Put-Down-the-Pen? While many dream of spending endless mornings writing the next Great Novel, others eyeball-deep in edits and deadlines count down the days until they can just sleep in.

Whether you are starting out in writing or embarking on your fiftieth publication, it is uncommon for writers to officially retire.… Read the post

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A Writerly End-of-the-Year Checklist for 2022

by Kris Maze

Most writers struggle to find enough time to get all their projects accomplished. Adding other author related tasks can eat away at precious writing time, regardless of your writing style or organization skills level. Whether your plotlines must be prefect before you begin a story or you’re a seat-of-your-pants pantser, all writers can benefit from taking a solid moment to reflect on their past year. … Read the post

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How to Engage Kids: The ABC’s of Author Talks at Schools

by Kris Maze

Grade school with kids at desks answering the teacher.

One author perk is the joy of sharing your writing with readers, and it can be extra-special to work with a younger audience in a school. But if you hold an author talk at a school, it’s important to set up expectations in advance to insure a successful event.… Read the post

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Fix Fluff Words –Fillers for Writers to Avoid (part 2)

By Kris Maze

In a previous Writers in the Storm blog post, we covered several common filler words to avoid.  This post extends the list of word-culprits, along with searchable lists, to help you self-edit your writing.  Take some time searching for these in your WIP and tighten your writing today.… Read the post

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