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Beguile Your Readers with Tension, Suspense, and Conflict

Part One

Some of if not the most important storytelling concepts a writer needs to understand are the concepts of tension, suspense, and conflict in stories. Those three things can captivate your audience and keep them turning pages. However, the concepts overlap enough to cause confusion.… Read the post

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Write with Intention and Discover Your Power 

by Lynette M. Burrows

Photo shows the back of a young person with short hair, sitting on a bench or step, facing a life-sized blue and white chess board with black and white pieces positioned as if a game is in play.

There is an avalanche of messages about the way to writing success on the internet. You invest tons of time and money via trial and error to determine which way is right for you. It would help if there was a single tool you could use to make your choices and decisions, wouldn’t it?… Read the post

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Make Your Story Golden with Systematic Editing
Photo of the head of the statue of David by Michel Angelo against a limestone wall with the text overlay "Every rough draft has a story inside. It is the task of the writer to discover it. Lynette M. Burrows with apologies to Michel Angelo.

No matter whether you’ve written your story strictly following your outline or you’ve discovered your story as you wrote, the rough draft usually will benefit from some judicious editing. You probably finish your first draft in a blaze of glory. It’s done!… Read the post

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Easy Solutions for When Writing Gets Too Darn Difficult
Photograph is taken from overhead and looks down on a man sitting at a lap top with coffee cup, a film scene board, a camera and paper and pens, he's holding his head with both hands in obvious frustration.

Lynette M. Burrows

You’ve been there. We all have. You have a story idea. You’re enjoying the discovery of what happens next when everything screeches to a halt. You can not write another word. Don’t just throw your hands up in the air and give up.… Read the post

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Reward Your Readers with a Battle that Earns the Ending 
Text over a multicolored background reads "the end is the beginning is the end is the beginning is the END."

Have you ever picked up a book excited by the beginning of the story but your excitement fades, yet you kept reading because you liked the characters? Then, at the end of the book, when you’re ready for the payoff—it fizzles.… Read the post

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