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7 Ways to Increase Your Creativity Through Workspace Design

by Lynette M. Burrows

Black and white image of Earnest Hemingway at a typewriter on a small desk pushed up against a mirrored door in a hotel. Increase your creativity through workspace design

The life of a writer can be unpredictable. Family, medical issues, housing issues, and many more personal-life interruptions can disrupt the flow of words. Many of you may not have options and write when and where you can write.… Read the post

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The Hardest Goodbye


I looked it up. This blog was born in April of 2010, when our critique group sat in Charla Rae’s office and came up with the crazy idea of a blog to help writers improve their craft and not feel so alone, working in solitude.… Read the post

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Back to School Pimp & Promote!

For many in the States, school is back in session. In that same spirit, let's get out our pom-poms and cheer for ourselves and other writers!

Here on Writers in the Storm, we like to provide regular opportunities for readers to share great resources and celebrate our own successes.… Read the post

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Married to a Coroner: The Hows, Whys and WHAT?

by Jeri Bronson

Disclaimer:  Some topics discussed may be a trigger for people. I do try to be as sensitive as possible, but proceed with caution.

I'm married to a coroner, which means that I have some conversations many other spouses simply don't have.… Read the post

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Ideation: Where Do Ideas Come From?

Laura Drake

"Where do you get your ideas?" Every writer has been asked this at least a dozen times. In fact, famous authors have come up with outrageous answers, so they don't have to go into it. Think I'm kidding?

"From the Idea-of-the-Month Club."Read the post

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