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Book Parts and Better Engagement - Anatomy of an Afterword

By Kris Maze

Quick quiz. Can you tell me the difference between a foreword and a preface? Or the purpose of an Epilogue versus a Conclusion? Maybe you can with a few internet searches to clarify the fine details, or maybe you are a literary expert, but the essential parts of a book are more than necessary texts when publishing.… Read the post

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Guide To A+ Amazon Content That Sells

by Kathleen Baldwin

I intended to write an entirely different article for you… but I needed to get my A+ Amazon content set up for my newest release. The trouble is I’ve set up A+ content before and wasn’t thrilled with the results.… Read the post

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Subgenres and Comp Books. Find Ones that Sell Books Better

By Kris Maze

You’ve written your book, edited it, collected beta reader feedback, and now you want to shop it around to editors and publishers.  First off, congratulations! You have finished a book. But now you will need to know how it fits in the world of book stores and online sales, and one step to categorize your book is by using comp books.… Read the post

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Ways for Authors to Cross-Promote Their Books

by Ellen Buikema

One aspect of the book business that authors dislike is marketing their work. Not all of us are born salespeople. Some authors are extroverts who enjoy putting themselves out there, and easily juggle a day job, writing, and family time.… Read the post

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Two Success Factors No One Wants To Talk About

by Jaime Buckley

New writers often have questions. We want to understand the path to walk so we can find success.

Thing is, ‘success’ has various definitions, depending upon who you ask. You and I are motivated by different things, and this complicates conversations between writers.… Read the post

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