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Genres Explained: Insights, Tips and Definitions From Literary Agents

Chuck Sambuchino

This column excerpted from Chuck's book, GET A LITERARY AGENT (2015, Writer's Digest Books)


Concerning the definitions of high fantasy vs. urban fantasy:

“In high fantasy, an entire world is created; it doesn’t take place in what we recognize as the world as we currently know it.Read the post

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The Social Writer: Ways to Engage Without Living Online

Janice Hardy

I love the online world just as much as the next person, but writers already spend so much time alone--it's good to get out into the sunshine once in a while. There's a different energy you get from having a physical in-person conversation versus typing a conversation online, and that energy can be, well, energizing to the creative process.… Read the post

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4 (Mostly) Pain-Free Tips for Marketing Your Book

Kate Moretti

Congratulations! You published a book. It’s out there in the world, all new and shiny, bouncing like the newborn its constantly compared to. The hard part is over, right?

Um… well this is awkward.

Maybe you watch Amazon rank or your Bookscan data or if you’re lucky, get numbers from your publisher and you realize that books don’t sell themselves.… Read the post

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What Is Klout? Do Authors Need It?

Klout Left SidebarSome of you have heard of Klout,  a website and app that measures social media activity and ranks social influence. This is not another social media platform, I promise you. This is something you can set up that gives others an indication of the reach and effectiveness of your current social media efforts.Read the post

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7 Secrets to Selling More Books at Events

Penny Sansevieri

Author EventSo you got a book event...Great! Now you want to maximize it, right? You've heard your writing buddies (or perhaps read online) about the lack of attendance at signings so figuring out how to maximize the event, regardless of the numbers, might be tricky.… Read the post

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