January 27th, 2016

Social Media Tips for Keeping your Sanity

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Blogging Guests | Sierra Godfrey

Sierra Godfrey

If you’re anything like me, January isn’t so much a chance for resolutions and fresh starts as it is a reminder that now is no time to slack off. Things are still crazy!

For my part, I never make resolutions because I dislike it when I break them—but this January I did get really organized.… Read the post

October 28th, 2015

3 Basics of Author Online Presence

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Sierra Godfrey | Technology Fun

Sierra Godfrey

You might remember a hullabaloo in August on Twitter called Pitch Wars. It’s a contest where writers submit queries to agented and published writers in the hopes of being taken on as a mentee. The contest is a terrific opportunity to get detailed, one-on-one coaching from an experienced writer, but the sheer number of people who enter and talk about it also provide an excellent opportunity for something entirely different: learning about how to present yourself online.… Read the post