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Are Writers Born, or Are Writers Made?

by Jenny Hansen

My husband and I had an interesting discussion about the nature vs nurture theory of writing. Our question: were accomplished writers born intact like Beethoven, with words rather than music, or were writers nurtured along by adversity and pain?Read the post

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35 Tips to a Healthier Writer You in 2022

by Lynette M. Burrows

It’s the holidays and your non-writing mind may be on giving gifts to others. That’s wonderful, but consider giving a writer-centric gift to yourself. Writers are often workaholics, to their physical detriment. This holiday season, give yourself the gift of better health.… Read the post

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Channel Your Inner James Bond to Boost Writing Success

by Colleen Story

Whether you’re a James Bond fan or not, you can adopt some of his strengths to improve your writing career.

I’ve enjoyed the action and excitement of James Bond in the past, but I became a huge fan when Daniel Craig took over the role.… Read the post

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5 Life "Rules" That May Change Your Writing Future

by Jenny Hansen

A lot of leadership advice, training styles, and life philosophies pass by my desk in the course of my day job. Books like Emotional Intelligence 2.0, The Storyteller's Secret, and Start With Why are sitting in my workspace right now.… Read the post

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10 Common Kitchen Objects to Use As Weapons

By Piper Bayard
Of Bayard & Holmes

My writing partner, Jay Holmes, is a forty-five-year veteran of the military and intelligence communities, and we write espionage fiction and nonfiction. We are often asked what weapons we prefer for fights. We both advocate firearms training for the best self-defense in real life.Read the post

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