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A Marketing Revamp for your Older Book Title

by Penny Sansevieri

Refresh Your Old Book

Book marketing strategies change a bit when you’re promoting an older title, so it’s important to keep your marketing plans separate for your new releases and your backlist.

But that means something can be done to spike book sales on this older title!… Read the post

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Monopolize Your Indie Author Real Estate

by Penny C. Sansevieri

My favorite token was the Scottie dog; maybe yours was the race car. Whether you played the game on long ago rainy summer days with your siblings, or your last round was just last week with members of your pod, if I say the word Monopoly, I’ll bet a vivid image comes to mind.… Read the post

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3 Ways to Prevent Amazon Reviews from Vanishing

Penny Sansevieri

Image by sdecoret from DepositPhotos

Vanishing Amazon reviews have become a consistent part of being an author. It’s a sadly popular problem, and my blog posts that focus on this issue are still some of our highest viewed. Many authors still struggle with this, even with Amazon relaxing their review pulls.… Read the post

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Last-Minute Holiday Book Sales Strategies

Penny Sansevieri

Yes, the holidays are upon us, but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed all your opportunities to sell a few more books before 2020.

Photo Credit: olegkrugllyak, Deposit Photos

I’ve collected a list of important dates and strategies that work really well with the amount of time we have left and I encourage you to work in as many as you can—you’ll be glad you did when you’re relaxing, happily sipping eggnog and sales keep coming in!… Read the post

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Why ‘Free’ is a Cornerstone Marketing Strategy

Penny Sanseveri

From a business standpoint, giving something away for free to get a sale may seem counterintuitive. How can giving something away for free help you make money in the long run?  

Think of offering those freebies as a marketing expense: the cost of exposure.… Read the post

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