September 17th, 2021

What If My [Insert Name] Reads This?

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Writer's Life | Writing Craft

by Jenny Hansen

Many authors are afraid to let their friends and loved ones read their writing. They use pseudonyms, join Reddit discussions and fret endlessly about "What if my boss / mother / [insert name] reads this?"

Many of us started reading and writing as an escape from our everyday lives.… Read the post

August 30th, 2021

Double The Love (aka Pimp & Promote)

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Author Marketing | Writer's Life

Since the beginning here at Writers in the Storm, we've been all about spreading the love. And every so often, we throw the doors open for some shameless self-promotion opportunities for our readers. Our only requirement for those glorious days -- formerly called "Pimp & Promote" -- is that they double the love and promote someone else's work alongside their own.… Read the post

August 11th, 2021

It's Okay To Fall Down

Posted In:
Writer's Life

by Jenny Hansen

I just watched a video by one of my favorite motivational speakers, Simon Sinek, where he states: "There is a big difference between 'falling' and 'failing.'"

How powerful is that? So many authors suffer terrible anxiety over their fear of failure.… Read the post


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