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What is Your Writing Barrier?

by Jenny Hansen

We all have things that keep us from writing. It might be a lack of time, or analysis paralysis. It might be an inability to start or to finish. Perhaps it is a lack of knowledge -- of craft, or story structure, or even your own characters.… Read the post

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Resources for Writing Great Emotional Conflict

by Jenny Hansen

Happy, sad and neutral emoticons on instant print transfer photographs hanging on a clothesline

The universe has been pushing me to think about emotions this month. First, it was the comments section of Sandy Vaile's post (One Amazing Perspective Shift to Make Scene Writing Easier). Then, I watched an ad with a marital counselor who claimed he could cure all marital conflicts by helping couples communicate using Hard or Soft emotions.… Read the post

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6-Step Success Blueprint for a Great Writing Year

by Jenny Hansen

In my "day job life," I draw a lot of wisdom from entrepreneurial, marketing, and motivation experts. People like Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi, Lisa Nichols and Og Mandino, Trent Shelton and Brené Brown. Just like writing advice, I take what resonates and make it work for me and my own Success Blueprint.… Read the post

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One Word to Guide Your Writing Journey in 2024
Illustration of the top quarter of a compass with a royal blue face and a silver gray compass symbol in the center. Instead of the cardinal directions, the top of the compass reads 2024. The tip of the directional arrow is bright red and points to the 2024.

Every year here at Writers In the Storm, we picture one word to guide us through the coming year. It might be an action or a belief or a philosophy. Below are our words. We hope you will share yours with us in the comments!… Read the post

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The Agony and the Ecstasy of Uncertainty in Writing

by Jenny Hansen

Tony Robbins Quote on Uncertainty

Most writers I know tell me the absolute hardest part of this crazy life we've chosen is the uncertainty. Publishers come and go. Ditto with agents, editors, and distribution partners. The writing day can be agony or ecstasy, depending on your mood, your muse, your health, or your Wi-Fi.… Read the post

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