August 30th, 2021

Double The Love (aka Pimp & Promote)

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Author Marketing | Writer's Life

Since the beginning here at Writers in the Storm, we've been all about spreading the love. And every so often, we throw the doors open for some shameless self-promotion opportunities for our readers. Our only requirement for those glorious days -- formerly called "Pimp & Promote" -- is that they double the love and promote someone else's work alongside their own.… Read the post

June 25th, 2021

Using Weather in Fiction

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Ellen Buikema | Writing Craft

By Ellen Buikema

Weather in fiction is a powerful factor. When weather is included in a scene it adds depth and realism, pulling the reader further into the story. Every description whether in scene, tagline, or dialogue, including weather, must move the story forward.… Read the post

May 28th, 2021

Dear Readers - Share Your First Lines

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Writer's Life

Fabulous first lines tend to stick with all of us. We ponder them, agonize over them, rewrite them, and rewrite them again. And more than once, we've actually purchased a book based on breathtaking first line or paragraph.

Plus, a good first line is quotable.… Read the post


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