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Not Your Mama’s Character Descriptions

Margie Lawson


Does your real or imaginary writing checklist include: Make Character Descriptions Fresh, Unpredictable, Multi-Powerful?

If not, it could.

Character descriptions can add power on multiple levels. You can treat the reader to something fresh, something they haven’t read before.… Read the post

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5 Tips For A Ruthlessly Positive Life

Kennedy Ryan

Garden Photo_photopinI don’t garden. Not even a little bit. My thumbs are so black they are charred, but even I know weeds in a garden cannot be tolerated. This principle, this image of an overrun garden guides me as I think about my life.… Read the post

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I Am Not My Book

Kennedy Ryan

I have always considered myself a pretty confident person. My parents instilled several things in me early on:

  • Impossible is just the beginning.
  • Consider it negotiable.
  • You can partner with people for success, but never allow them to hold your success hostage, or expect them to make you successful.
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