June 1st, 2018

Summer is Coming -- Let's Pimp & Promote!


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Summer is coming up fast, and here at Writers in the Storm we're marking the occasion with a little "Pimp and Promote." Of course, this always costs us some money, because we have to go out and buy lots of books. But there will be awesome "beach read" sales in next few weeks, so let's go for it!

How does this work?

To quote the genie in Aladdin, “There are a few provisos, a couple of quid-pro-quos…"

  • Pimp out somebody else’s work – this can be a favorite author, blogger, post or book you’ve read, a wonderful teacher or just someone who had profound influence on you as a writer or a person. Please limit your comments to one work.
  • Promote one of your projects that you’re excited about – a hobby, a blog, a book, or a new direction your writing is taking you. You decide. Just tell us about it in the comments! (Please restrain your enthusiasm to just one of your WIPs.) The rest of us will jump in and “ooooh and ahh” at you, and likely promote your project even further because we’re just so darn excited today.

We'll start things off by doing some P&P with the gals here at WITS...

Fae Rowen launched her amazing PRISM series into the world and she's hard at work readying her Keep Sphere series. Two words: Space Battles! Find out more at her website, http://faerowen.com

Jenny Hansen is in the middle of three marketing campaigns that include WordPress site updates, social media marketing and copywriting. Currently, she's working on a memoir she describes as "Like WILD, but with pregnancy...and funny." You can enjoy her silly fun at her personal blog, More Cowbell

Julie Glover has been copy editing, planning more writing workshops to offer in person or online, working on a cozy mystery, and plotting a new, hush-hush series with award-winning author Christina Delay. She's also looking forward to having an empty nest in the near future — though she'll miss her sons, they're ready to launch and she'll get more done!

Laura Drake's next novel is due out in December, but available for preorder NOW! 

See? Easy-peasy. Only one of us wrote this, but all of us are represented - that's the spirit of P&P.

Don't be shy -- tell your pals! 

We are open for as many entries as you want, and you're welcome to send anyone who reads great stuff our way. We want to hear about it! Be sure to peruse the comments. You might find a few things you like in the plethora of pimping that’s about to ensue.

Thanks again for making WITS one of the top writer’s blogs. We appreciate you!

~  Fae, Jenny, Julie and Laura

57 responses to “Summer is Coming -- Let's Pimp & Promote!”

  1. I'm so darn excited about my new release! Sometimes you get nervous about launching a new one, and sometimes you wonder if it's up to snuff, but after days and days of editing and re-reading, I still love this one! Coming out June 19. https://www.karlabrandenburg.com

  2. Terry Odell says:

    Pimping out Tina Whittle's "Necessary Ends" - a great addition to her Tai and Trey series - http://tinawhittle.com (And I've read Karla Brandenburg's book, The Selkie -- it's a good one, too).
    Promoting my just-released "Falcon's Prey" - I'm sharing all June royalties with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in honor of my daughter. https://terryodell.com/falcons-prey

  3. Pimping out Tara Gilboy's upcoming middle-grade novel, "Unwritten," which I had the good fortune to read as a manuscript. Anyone who loves fairy tales will enjoy it. http://taragilboy.com
    Promoting my upcoming historical YA novel, "The House of One Thousand Eyes," which is set in East Berlin in 1983 and just got a starred review from Kirkus. It will be out in the fall. https://www.michellebarker.ca

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      I love fairy tales! Thanks so much for sharing these, Michelle. I'm starting to rack up the tabs in my browser with all this magic. 🙂

  4. anngmesa says:

    Pimping Marcia Fine's historical fiction "Hidden Ones" about Jews hiding from the Inquisition in Mexico (who knew?) A gorgeous read. http://marciafine.com .

    And I'm still excited about my first novel, "Another Ocean to Cross," released last February. Historical Fiction, WWII, I'm getting great reviews but just not enough of them! I hope you'll take a look at http://anngriffinwriter.com

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      That research must have been so absorbing! I had NO idea that Jews hid as far away as Mexico. What a scary time in history that was.

      And Ann, I still have ANOTHER OCEAN TO CROSS on my TBR list...I think I need to bump it up. I love WWII fiction.

  5. Got to read Maggie Toussaint's latest in her Dreamwalker Series - CONFOUND IT, which was FANTASTIC. Highly recommend. https://www.amazon.com/Confound-Dreamwalker-Mystery-Book-5-ebook/dp/B07CX4FWHP

  6. Eldred Bird says:

    Pimping: Miffie Seideman is a writer, triathlete, and pharmacist. Somehow she manages to successfully blend the three in her blog. Currently, she is working on a writer's reference to drugs, poisons, and other toxins, and what their effects look like. We've been jokingly calling it 'The Kill Me Book.' https://onwemerrilystumble.wordpress.com/

    Promoting: I released a short story called 'Treble in Paradise: A Tale of Sax and Violins'. It was an experiment in character development. I asked readers to respond to a question at the end, and received some very interesting responses. I've compiled the results and will be doing a Facebook Live broadcast in the near future to talk about what I learned. In the meantime, I'm looking somewhere to guest blog about it (hint hint, Jenny!). The story is available for free here: https://goo.gl/WBRRBL

  7. Fae Rowen says:

    I'm pimping Ann Griffin's "Another Ocean to Cross." I'm a science fiction and military suspense romance reader, so a WWII historical was a stretch for me. But "Another Ocean to Cross" has it all. You'll be happy you tried it!

    Promoting "P.R.I.S.M. Book Two", which will be available for pre-order in October. This book completes the love story between O'Neill and Jericho, during a planetary revolution. No battles in "P.R.I.S.M. Book One", but this follow-up has it's share of military ops.

  8. Rick George says:

    I recommend Brian Freeman's "Jonathan Stride" series, featuring Stride as a Duluth, Minnesota, police detective. Stride and the secondary characters are compelling figures, so that one wants to read the books as much to catch up with what feels like old friends as to be immersed in a good suspense/thriller. His latest, Marathon, digs into the whole refugee/Nativism/intolerance issue we're facing as a society.

    For myself? I've got a phone call scheduled later this day with an independent publishing company offering a contract to publish what would be my first published novel. It features a firefighting helicopter pilot who tries to help his adult son escape from a deadly anti-government militia. Fingers crossed!

  9. christopherlentzauthor says:

    GOOD NEWS FRIDAY: A book was born this yesterday...My Friend Marilyn. Whew!!! Please help me spread the news. Oh, and it's on the Goodreads Beach Reads 2018 list. Ratings/reviews/votes are greatly appreciated.

    A big shout out to Jenny Hansen and her AMAZING web skills! She's been a super-cooper partner.

    Here's what this historical-fiction novel is all about: After being named Marilyn Monroe's assistant, a sassy small-town spinster is surrounded by show-biz temptations and hidden dangers. Together, the blonde bombshell and the big-and-bold bombshell-dropper discover how hearts can sometimes see what eyes cannot. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DDBZZ8C/

    • Laura Drake says:

      Best of luck, Chris!

      • christopherlentzauthor says:

        Thanks, Laura! You've played such an instrumental (not like a tuba) part on my journey. I'm completely in your debt...and in awe of you! Never stop being my mentor and trailblazer, please!!!

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Happy birthday, Marilyn!! I'm so glad this book is out into the world. It's been tons of fun watching the cover and graphics come to light on your website. Hey all you Marilyn Monroe fans...he's got great memes at http://www.christopherlentz.org.

      • christopherlentzauthor says:

        How kind of you to say all those nice things! I'll always treasure our friendship and business partnership. I have a signed copy of My Friend Marilyn waiting for you!!!

  10. I am pimping Marilynne Robinson's gem Gilead. A meditation – pensive and solemn — a storytelling that may seem to be small but is truly grand and powerful. There are some passages that takes one’s breath away.
    My Work in Progress is linked to The Sleeping Serpent but is a stand-alone. The Sleeping Serpent is dramatic suspense about a narcissistic yoga master in Hollywood and the women he compels to serve him. In The Serpent Awakens we find our troubled guru on a spiritual journey in the Sacred Valley of Peru where he faces a test. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B016LUUB1K

  11. I'm going to pimp Rebekah Purdy's Legend of Me, releasing soon. It's an amazing book!

  12. dholcomb1 says:

    I am pimping one of my favorite writing mentors, Patricia "Pooks" Burroughs; she writes in dark fantasy: https://www.amazon.com/Dead-Shall-Live-Fury-Triad-ebook/dp/B0755NXDNB/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8


  13. What a coincidence!

    Two of my short stories just happen to be featured today, over at SMFS 'Short Mystery Fiction Society' as their bonus short story author for May!

    So psyched!

    Read on peeps, and enjoy!

  14. My debut suspense novel CHANGING TIDES released May 30th. Read the first two chapters on my website. https://veronicamixon.com/excerpt/
    Hope you're intrigued enough to check it out:

  15. Linda Levitt says:

    I'm terrible at self promotion, but since I just found out that my newly-released book also has a reasonably priced Kindle version, I thought I'd spread the word. It's a cultural study of a truly fascinating place, Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. https://www.amazon.com/Culture-Celebrity-Cemetery-Hollywood-Community-ebook/dp/B07DF7WBVC/ref=mt_kindle?_encoding=UTF8&me=

  16. jamesr403 says:

    First, a new book of flash fiction by a friend of mine. Jack Stirling writes what I would call "short-shorts" and they are incredible. This is the debut of a talented young writer and not to be missed. The book is Skognet (name of a town) and it's available on Amazon.

    As for me oh, not much except -- HOT DOG WHOOPEE -- and so on. Kirkus Reviews wrote about my novella Buzzkill and they said nice things, like "A historical thriller enriched by characters who sparkle and refuse to be forgotten." Yes, I'm getting taller, walking on air. Also on Amazon.

  17. jamesr403 says:

    Thank you, Jenny! And let me slip in an extra pimp. P. R. I. S. M. rocks! I'm a long-time sf fan and this is a good one. My congrats to Fae.

    • Fae Rowen says:

      Thanks, James! After P.R.I.S.M. Book Two comes out, Keeping Athena, the book that your wife read chapter by chapter , one chapter a month as I wrote them years ago, will be available. I remember her calling me one morning and demanding the next chapter right then. Still makes me smile. She's my first fan!

  18. Janice Hardy says:

    I've been re-reading all my Jennifer Crusie books (and I think I have them all). HUGE fan of her stuff. Fun, cute, sexy, and perfect beach reads. https://amzn.to/2Ju0Wve

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      I am a huge fan of her too. Her "Welcome to Temptation" and "Bet Me" are so amazing funny and streamlined. And "Anyone But You" with that dog and that wonder bra absolutely slays me every time. I love "Agnes and the Hitman" that she wrong with Bob Mayer as well.

  19. I'm pimping out Stephanie Garber's CARAVAL and her new release LEGENDARY. This series and this world is addictive! I'd also like to share my own beachread THE GHOST CHRONICLES which is a ghost story with strong romantic elements set at the Jersey Shore at the Angel of the Sea, a famous B&B in Cape May, NJ. Learn more about the series and the accolades is has received here: http://marloberliner.com

  20. jagrout says:

    Just finished reading three very different stories: One was a memoir -" When Prayer Wasn't Enough - a Convent Memoir"; one was a historical western tale "Walk the Promise Road - a Novel of the Oregon Trail"; the third was "Girl Warrior" - the title needs no explanation. I posted reviews of all three. Now it is time to finish my WIP "Widow's Landing" and I know my compatriot writers will do me the same courtesy of reviewing and promoting. That's what's so great about this writing sisterhood.

  21. Jagrout makes a great point about sisterhood of writers. She hosts authors, oncling myself, and details fine points of writing on her blog at Judithgrout.com. My next read will be her novel, Chasing the Strawberry Moon..

  22. Carmen Peone says:

    Jagrout, thank you for the shout out with Girl Warrior! Got to love horses, a taste of romance, and strong female characters.


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