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November 20, 2020

40 Holiday Gifts for Writers

by Julie Glover

I’m typically in the group that believes we shouldn’t think too much about Christmas until after my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving (which is in November in the US). However, this maniacal year 2020 has made plenty of people eager to hasten the holidays.

Whether you’re always an early shopper, one of those people who just needs something to look forward to, or are reading this post as a break from your amazing NaNoWriMo productivity, I’m here for you. I’ve compiled a list of 40 holiday gift ideas for writers! Add what you like to your own wish list or find something to get a friend.

1. Writing Gloves from Storiarts. Stay warm while letting your fingers do their work! Available with text from several different books, including these lovely Alice in Wonderland ones (which I own).

2. Bookstore Gift Card: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or visit and support your local indie bookstore.

3. Grammar Grumble Mugs from The Literary Gift Company. Serve a grammar tip with that cup of tea.

4. Pack of Highlighters. Good for marking up manuscripts, and that yellow one always seems to go dry just when you need it!

5. USB Flash Drive. Go for the standard or try a novelty one!

6. A ream of paper. I kid you not, this was one of the best inexpensive gifts a friend gave me one year for Christmas. Paper to print my manuscript!

7. “Chapter One, The End” Book Lover Earrings, from Little Gem Girl on Etsy. Our favorite parts to write! (Don't ask about the middle.)

8. Novel Teas, individual teabags tagged with literary quotes. English breakfast tea with quotes like "You can't get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me" (C.S. Lewis.)

9. Subscription to Chicago Manual of Style. The definitive grammar/style guide for commercial writers.

10. Gift Certificate for Lawson Writer’s Academy. Learn from Margie Lawson and other terrific teachers!

11. Shakespearean Insult Bandages. For no good reason really, but FUN.

12. Extra laptop power cord. It was so much easier to get up and go with my laptop when I got an additional power cord that stayed in my bag. All I had to do with slide my laptop in and head out the door!

13. Bathtub Caddy with Book Tray. Of course you read in the bathtub. Doesn’t everyone? Well, they should.

14. E-reader, like Amazon's Kindle Paperwhite or a Kobo Clara. (Mine is an old Samsung Nook, and I still love it.)

15. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy adjustable face mask from Out of Print Clothing. "Don't Panic!" but do put on your mask.

16. Decorative file folders. So much better than manila and many options to match your personal style!

17. Label maker. So your folder labels look sleek and professional.

18. Office Supply Store Gift Card, like Staples or Office Depot. Let the gift recipient pick what they want! And office supply shopping makes a lot of writers giddy.

19. Bookmark with charms from Charm Philosophy at Etsy. I chose the Dragonfly one to show y’all as a shout-out to my 2015 Golden Heart Sisters, but the artist makes a lot of variations.

20. Mini desktop fan. Stay cool while writing.

21. Small space heater. Or stay warm while writing.

22. Baby Lit Books. Aimed at introducing kids to classic literature, these are delightful board books! Read them to your children or just to yourself.

23. Candy. Also known as Writer Fuel.

24. Personalized sticky notes. (I got mine at VistaPrint.)

25. Book charm necklace from TinyBookTown on Etsy. Keep your favorite book close to your heart, or at least around your neck. Many options, one example:

26. Coffee shop gift card, perhaps to Starbucks, Peets, or your local place. Another form of writer fuel. Though some of us—like me—prefer tea.

27. Aqua Notes Waterproof Note Pad. Get your best ideas in the shower? Now you can write ’em down!

28. Neck and shoulder pain relief wrap. Hunching over a keyboard can create tension in your neck and shoulders, which a good wrap—applied hot or cold—can help to relieve.

29. Lit-themed board game. And I just cannot do better than this 25-game roundup by The Bibliophile. Did you know there are games titled Marrying Mr. Darcy and Bards Dispense Profanity? Neither did I.

30. Do Not Disturb door hanger. Lots of options, but I liked this one.

31. Drinking Cup Holder Clip. I’m in love with mine, but it's a Creative Memories one from Too Long Ago and not even made anymore. Luckily, there are plenty of alternatives!

32. Mouse Pad. It may be time for an updated pad or one with a fun design, like this one.

33. Quotes For Writers: Inspiration, Advice, Humor & Motivational Stories From Famous Authors by Linda Davies. To educate and encourage!

34. Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist, with great-named recipes linked to books like "A Cocktail of Two Cities" and "Are You There, God? It's Me, Margarita."

35. Magnetic Poetry Original Kit. 300+ magnetic word tiles so you can create and play!

36. Book-themed socks from Out of Print. Forget t-shirts. Cool socks are the trend now (or so my 20-something son tells me).

37. One Stop for Writers subscription. Choose one month, six months, or a whole year of amazing software made for writers, along with access to all of the thesaurus books by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi. Wonderful resource!

38. Library candle from Paddywax. I received the Jane Austen one as a birthday gift, and it looks and smells delightful!

39. Erin Condren Life Planner. I'm not a planner person! But I love this planner that my critique partner bought me. Very versatile.

40. Time. Give the writer in your life time to write or request time away to get that book written!

Any other ideas you want to add to the list? Please share them with us down in the comments!

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About Julie

Julie Glover is an award-winning author of mysteries and young adult fiction. She also writes supernatural suspense under the pen name Jules Lynn. Her most recent release is Curse of the Night, book four in the Muse Island series. (But there's a Christmas short story for this series coming soon—Gryla's Gift.)

When not writing, she collects boots, practices rampant sarcasm, and advocates for good grammar and the addition of the interrobang as a much-needed punctuation mark.

Top image credit: monicore from Pixabay

28 comments on “40 Holiday Gifts for Writers”

  1. This is such a fun list! I've seen the write in the shower one, and thought to myself, would I actually use it? Maybe not, but it does remind me of how many ideas I resolve while rinsing off the suds.
    Your last comment about time is the perfect gift for a writer!

  2. Awesome list, Julie.

    I could use #37 for sure.

    I love Terry's suggestion of leaving a book review for author friends. They are invaluable.

      1. Thanks. I can understand if you need to monitor links. There are people out there posting bizarre stuff to blogs with questionable links.

        I have the mug!

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