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January 30, 2023

Top Posts from 2022: The WITS Dynamic Dozen

Every year in January, we love digging into the stats and sharing the posts that got the most views and shares the prior year. Often these posts surprise us, and always they delight us.

Here are the "Dynamic Dozen" for 2022

Every single one of these articles wowed us, and it was interesting to see how many were from a long time ago. We found it so interesting, we added the year in parentheses next to each post!

#1 - Five Tips for Writing Tears that Carry Power by Margie Lawson (2019)
#2 - Fresh Writing Sells: Make Hugs Carry Power (also) by Margie Lawson (2019)

(No one explains fresh writing like Margie. Definitely you want to click those posts.)

#3 - What Type of Secret Does Your Character Keep? by Angela Ackerman (2015)

#4 - 9 Writing Productivity Tips I Learned from Knitting by Kris Maze (2022)

The following post is actually an all-time favorite. Susan has a knack for explicitly explaining how to the tension in your story sky-high.

#5 - Sexual Tension: It's all in your head by Susan Squires (2014)

All of us here had a fangirl moment over the next post. (She will be posting with us again this Spring!)

#6 - The Winning Attitude of a Successful Writer by Diana Gabaldon (2022)

Piper Bayard hangs out with Jay Holmes. They open the window for a peek at the world of spies.

#7 - 10 Character Traits of an Espionage Hero by Piper Bayard (2019)

The entire "Book Cover 101" series is amazing and so very helpful. We recommend you run a search and read them all.

#8 - Book Cover 101: How Much Should a Cover Cost? by Melinda VanLone (2020)

The twelve stages in the following post might surprise you.

#9 - Using The 12 Stages of Physical Intimacy To Build Tension In Your Fiction by Jenny Hansen (2018)

Dr. Seideman never disappoints. And her post about Fentanyl is a must-read.

#10 - Including Believable Sensory Details for Unfamiliar Experiences by Dr. Miffie Seideman (2020)

Have you ever had one of your characters change unexpectedly between page 1 and the end? (Read the following post for help!)

#11 - Creating a Bible for Characters and Screenwriting by Ellen Buikema (2020)

We all have those favorite fluffy (useless) words...here's how to catch them early.

#12 - Fix Fluff Words – 14 Fillers for Writers to Avoid by Kris Maze (2022)

Did you catch any posts you'd missed? We did! Please share any other favorites that helped you in 2022 down in the comments!

Many thanks for hanging out here with us at Writers In the Storm! We have an absolutely fantastic time with you.

~ Ellen, Jenny, Kris, Lisa and Lynette

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