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April 5, 2023

What Can You Do with Book Awards and Reviews?

by Hannah Jacobson

What Can You Do with Book Awards and Reviews? Book and award

It’s common knowledge in the publishing world that book reviews and awards are essential pieces of the author success puzzle. Authors know it’s important to get reviews and win awards, but may be left to wonder:

            “What can you do with book awards and reviews?”

After your book gets reviews and wins awards, there are several steps you can take to make the most out of your book’s praise. Read on to learn what you can do with book awards and reviews, and how they can work together to increase your book sales, generate opportunities, and streamline book marketing.

What can you do with book awards and reviews?

From boosting book sales to impressing industry experts, book reviews and awards are powerful ways to establish yourself as a notable author. Here are some innovative ways you can leverage book awards and reviews:

You can sell more books

One of the more obvious benefits of receiving reviews and winning awards is the positive effect both have on book sales. Book buyers see an award seal on the cover of your book and think, “Wait a minute, this one must be really good. It’s won an award!”. This validation of your book’s quality compels readers to purchase your work. Winning awards and selling more books? Quite literally a win-win!

Similarly, book buyers often rely on reviews to assess how well other readers have responded to your book. If your book can boast several positive reviews from reputable sources, buyers are more likely to add your book to their cart.

You can promote yourself on social media

Most authors aren’t marketers. This can make promoting their books difficult, time-consuming, and ineffective. The good news? Book reviews and awards act as marketing fuel: exciting and engaging content that authors can use to grow their audience.

The fastest, most effective way to reach new readers is through social media. Establishing a presence on social media as an author is important, but having quality, compelling content to share on your platform is even more crucial.

That’s where book awards and reviews come in. Whether you’ve won an award, received an impressive review, or simply submitted your book for consideration, these achievements are the perfect content to share with readers and attract new buyers on social media.

For authors on a tight schedule, Book Award Pro offers a Story Marketing feature which automatically generates engaging social media posts about your wins and reviews. You can market your awards and reviews like a pro in just a few clicks.

You can open the door to publishing opportunities

It’s not only readers who pay attention to awards and reviews. Publishers, literary agents, and other industry experts use reviews and awards as an important metric to measure the quality and selling potential of your book.

The more impressive your book’s accolades, the more likely it may gain the attention of literary giants. Additionally, some award programs offer career-changing publishing opportunities for winners and runner-ups.

You can network with other authors

Professional networking is valuable in nearly every field, but in creative circles like writing, it’s especially important to surround yourself with other successful authors. This is especially true for two reasons:

  • You can learn from each other. For example,exchanging book marketing ideas with other award-winners can help you refine your strategy.
  • You can discover more opportunities. For example, connecting with other winners and reviewed authors can expose you to new award and review programs.

You can advertise your wins

Advertising your award wins and reviews on your online book listing is an important and ongoing process. Updating your cover image with new award seals impresses readers and celebrates your wins.

It’s also important to refresh your listing with recent reviews. Some authors may also choose to include snippets of their most positive reviews on their book covers. Either way, making your wins and reviews as visible as possible can help you make the most out of your book’s accolades.

You can establish yourself as an acclaimed author

There are over two million books published each year. This means standing out from the crowd can be more challenging than ever.

Book reviews and awards are impressive eye-catchers to readers and literary professionals alike. In a world where just about anyone can write and publish a book, awards and reviews can help amplify your voice and establish your book as a noteworthy read.

Do I need both awards and reviews?

Most literary experts will admit that authors need reviews in order to excel in the competitive publishing industry. Considering the endorsement power of reviews, it’s no surprise that having your book reviewed should be a top priority for authors looking to achieve notability.

On the other hand, book awards are impressive accolades that declare the excellence of your book to the world.

When used in combination, reviews and awards are an ultra-effective way to increase your book sales, attract professional opportunities, and take your book marketing strategy to the next level.

What are some ways you look forward to using awards and reviews for your book?

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About Hannah

Hannah Jacobson

Hannah Jacobson is the founder of Book Award Pro, the company that makes it easy for authors find and submit to book awards.

Book Award Pro is the industry expert on awards, researching and monitoring 9,000+ legitimate awards. Every year, authors spanning 6 continents win more than 1,000 new awards using this service.

As the company's founder, Hannah's expertise has been recognized as the industry's leading voice in awards and author advocacy.

Begin your award-winning journey for free or connect with Hannah and Book Award Pro on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

9 comments on “What Can You Do with Book Awards and Reviews?”

  1. Hi Hannah,
    Thanks for the overview on marketing our author wins. Letting potential readers know how others appreciated your work takes the guesswork out of buying a new author's work.

    Great ideas!

    1. Thank you for reading, Lynette! The Book Award Pro team would be honored to support you in your award-winning journey. Feel free to reach out to us any time if you have questions.

  2. These are great ideas, Hannah! Reviews make a huge difference in book sales, that's for sure! And so do awards - or so I've heard! One of these days!

    1. Lisa, thank you for your feedback! These tools are powerful on their own; kudos on getting reviews. Used in tandem, awards and reviews really supercharge your marketing efforts.

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