February 15th, 2019

Putting Fresh Faces on the Page!

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by Margie Lawson

Don’t give readers a reason to take a mini-vacation from your page.

That’s what happens when readers come across clichéd phrases or sentences they’ve read before. They know what’s coming. Their brain takes a break from your story.… Read the post

February 13th, 2019

Keeping the Writing Love Alive

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Craft | Inspiration

by Jenny Hansen

This week is Valentine's Day and, all over America, hearts and flowers are on many people's minds. Perhaps you are worrying about your secret (or not so secret) love: your writing love. Have you lost that loving feeling?… Read the post

February 6th, 2019

Limits—and No Limits—for Writers

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Definite Limits, Approximate Limits, Infinite Limits, and No Limits for Writers

by Fae Rowen

I have to admit that I giggled when I decided to write about limits. I mean, how can a calculus teacher not be excited about getting to blog about limits?… Read the post

February 4th, 2019


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by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

I’m tempted to do this entire blog in initials, but suspect that’d get old pretty fast. Just like discussions of viewpoint can, when writers debate (endlessly) the pros & cons of whose point of view is best for a scene.… Read the post