January 28th, 2022

How To Use Touch In Writing

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Ellen Buikema | Writing Craft

by Ellen Buikema

Touch is a basic human need. It’s the first sense we develop and our first social interaction at birth.

The Power of Touch.

Imagine walking barefoot through a forest. The softness of moss between your toes, the cool slime of mud, the pokes and scratches of pine needles, sticks, and stones.… Read the post

January 17th, 2022

Want Your Characters to Stand Out? Give Them a Skill

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Angela Ackerman | Writing Craft

by Angela Ackerman

potter's skilled hands working with clay

One worry that can plague writers is whether their characters are original enough or not. After all, readers meet a lot of characters over time, so how can writers make sure their characters are fresh and interesting? How can they make sure their story’s cast has that WOW factor that ensures they stay with readers long after the book closes?… Read the post


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