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7 Steps To Writing An Author Business Plan by Susan Spann

Writers In The Storm is delighted to welcome back Susan Spann with another amazing post covering all the legal bits of information we writers need to know. Susan has delved into everything from publishing choices to a quick overview of an author business plan.… Read the post

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QR Codes ~ A Sexy Marketing Technique for Your Books

Scan this!

by Jenny Hansen

What happens when you hold your iPhone up and click that weird looking square on the left?

You see these in magazines, at the grocery store, on clothing labels, and YES, in the back of eBooks.

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Ramp Up The Fight To Amp Up The Tension

by Jenny Hansen

So you think you know how to fight dirty?

Monday's post explained the nuance of "clean fighting" and how to use it to your best advantage in your stories.

Today, we're gonna leave Mr. or Ms.… Read the post

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10 Tips for a DIY Author Website

By Laura Drake

I am NOT a techie. I don’t know software, I’m not a graphics designer. Heck I can’t even use a camera well!

I’m an accountant. That translates to: I’m cheap. Too cheap to pay someone to build a website for me.… Read the post

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By Laura Drake

Who hasn’t made a vow on New Year’s Eve (maybe after a couple of glasses of champagne) that this is your year to get in shape.  You join a gym, you get a personal trainer, you start jogging. … Read the post

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