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July 7, 2010


Sharla Rae
 An author on deadline will tell you that the old saying “Time is Money” is just as true with writing as it is with any other business.

 Have you ever spent hours crafting a perfect description only to realize it breaks up the action? Did you delete it and then discover a chapter or two later that very description or part of it was needed?

 Next time, DO NOT DELETE.

 Instead, create a folder for your WIP called X-Files Title (of WIP). Example, X-Files Love and Fortune. Paste well written “cuts” to your X-Files. Make them easy to locate. Preface each pasting with its origin, that is, the chapter it was cut from along with a brief description.

     Example: Chapter one – description-forest, Chapter two – dialogue – argument between Jane Dither and John the jerk.

Later, if you haven’t used an X-File entry from a particular WIP, paste it to a general Description or Dialogue X-File. Once it’s actually used, delete it from “all” X-Files so you don’t accidentally reuse it.

 It’s simple and it works. And when you’re on a deadline, it’s money in the bank.

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