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How to Kill a Character

by Sarah (Sally) Hamer

White rose on grey granite tombstone outdoors. Funeral ceremony

Yes, there are right ways and wrong ways to kill a character in a fiction story. And, even if we're working with non-fiction and telling a true story, we might still need to determine how to tell how a character will die.… Read the post

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How to Manage Emotions Through Writing

By Sarah (Sally) Hamer

Writers often talk about opening a vein, giving our life-blood to a page. But is that all we give when we write? Writing takes time, effort, research, digging through memories, skill, emotion, and, possibly, even a little bit of our soul.… Read the post

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Writers: Are you taking care of yourself?

by Sarah (Sally) Hamer

self care checklist - handwriting on a napkin with a cup of coffee, healthy lifestyle, habits and personal development concepts

Writers are notorious for spending a lot of time alone, sitting too long in front of a computer, not socializing, and just not taking care of their health. These habits often get even worse during November because of NaNoWriMo.… Read the post

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How Many Scenes Does It Take to Tell Your Story?

by Sarah (Sally) Hamer

Of course, the easy answer is: As many as it takes. (Really helpful, right?)

The problem answer is: It depends on many things.

What Is a Scene?

First, let’s define a scene. In most stories, it’s a small section of the main book, which can be anything from super short (under a page) to super long (the entire book – although I don’t recommend it!).… Read the post

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