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Indie Publishing 101: All Things Editing

by Jenn Windrow

hand holding red pen over proofreading text in office

In last month’s post, we discussed how self-publishing is a business. And you the author are in charge of doing everything to make that business run. However, there are some things you can’t do alone, and editing is one of those things.… Read the post

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Think you don’t need a developmental editor? Oh yes, you do!

By Jenn Windrow

red pen developmental editing

The old myth that your story doesn’t need a developmental editor is just that… a myth.

Every writer, no matter how long they have been writing, or how many books they have published, needs a developmental editor.

Let’s look at what developmental editing is, and what it isn’t.… Read the post

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Help! No One Wants What I Write!

Jenn Windrow

I’m a firm believer in writing what you love, not what you think will sell. For example, I write in two genres that have fallen out of favor with the big New York publishing houses…paranormal romance (PNR) and urban fantasy (UF).… Read the post

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