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November 5, 2010

Where Do You Get Your Ideas

By Charlotte Carter

I’m frequently asked that question. The truth is, story ideas may sneak up on me from almost anywhere. It’s like they’re hanging out in the ether waiting for a chance to be told.

The process may start with either a character or a situation that intrigues me. Then I have to put my left brain to work in order to reveal how the story will evolve. (I’m definitely a plotter, not a write-by-the-seat-of-your-pantser.)

In the case of Montana Hearts, my December book from Love Inspired, the impetus for the story is easy to identify. A short article in the LA Times suggested that some people believe an organ recipient takes on the personality of organ donor.

That ‘belief’ led me to ask the ever popular, jump-starting question, what if . . .?

In fact, that question puts Sarah Barkley, the heroine of Montana Hearts, in quite a quandary when she falls in love with rancher Kurt Ryder and the feeling is mutual. Does Kurt love her for herself? Or because the heart of his late wife beats in her chest?

With that nub of a story, I began to write the story of Sarah and Kurt in search of their happily ever after ending.

I’m delighted Romantic Times gave Montana Hearts a 4-star review. “This is a heart-achingly poignant story that has many bright spots and lots of love.”

I hope readers will enjoy the story too.

Charlotte Carter

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