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Author: Ellen Buikema

Public Speaking in a Foreign Land

by Ellen Buikema

Public Speaking for Authors

If you’ve read my posts here at WITS, you know my husband and I retired to Mexico. Currently we’re in Mazatlán where the large expat community has been a surprise. There is a large English-speaking community here, comprised mostly of Canadians and Americans.… Read the post

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Does Your Workspace Affect Your Writing?

by Ellen Buikema

Does where you work affect your writing? As you’ve seen from my earlier posts, it really affects mine. I believe it is related to energy.

Everything is made of energy which vibrates to different frequencies. Ask a quantum physicist.… Read the post

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Nurturing the Creative Spark Through Sleep

by Ellen Buikema

Like many writers, I am fortunate to have a varied and interesting dreamlife. However, for almost a year after beginning our retirement travels I was unable to recall any dreams.

No dreams. No writing. Not good.

My dreamtime, normally filled with weird and thought-provoking scenarios, became a void.… Read the post

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Staying On Track When Everything Changes

Hey y'all! Meet Ellen Buikema, our newest member of the Writers in the Storm team. She is currently in a sleepy town in Mexico, writing her latest novel and practicing her Spanish.

* * * * * *

I can write anywhere.… Read the post

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