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Author: Kris Maze

Quick Fix Pacing Tips for Authors

By Kris Maze

If you have ever gotten manuscript feedback that asks you to check your pacing, you know that can be a tricky task to manage. Where do you start? What parts of your writing will fix this vague problem?… Read the post

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Stop Writing and Other Ways to Improve Your Writing

By Kris Maze

Woman hands holding piece of cardboard with phrase Stop Doing What Doesnt Work against brick wall background.

Stop and ask yourself, how much have you written today? This week? This year? Maybe you have recently finished a manuscript that is polished and ready for the printer, but if you are like me, the honest truth about your writing productivity might leave you disappointed, underwhelmed, or simply disappointed.… Read the post

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🌟 7 Super Mental Health Hacks for Writers to De-Stress 🌟

by Kris Maze

As writers, it's important to take care of your mental health to maintain our productivity and to have a balanced, happy writing life. Sometimes this means taking a break from writing to attend to the important aspects of being a good human and to reset our minds for better creativity.… Read the post

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AutoCrit Author Tool Inventory – What’s New in 2024

by Kris Maze

As a writer, I understand that tools can make a difference in my productivity. This month, I found an opportunity to access a life account for AutoCrit and, seeing that it included a 60-day trial period, I decided to try it.  Read… Read the post

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A Pomegranate Method of Writing a Story

By Kris Maze

Woman writing at table with pomegranates

To write a good story, one that speaks your truth and sparks interest in readers, you can use a variety of story-writing methods. Today, I want to inspire your story writing with a fruit twist. Consider this a free-formexercise to try if you need a little energy infused into your writingroutine.… Read the post

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