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Hugs You've Got to Love!

by Margie Lawson

A hug is more than just a hug.

Hugs may be long or short, hot or cold, loving or perfunctory.

Hugs carry psychological messages. Do you have those messages on your pages?

Dig deep—and you’ll have more fun and depth and power on the page.… Read the post

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Smart Writers Expand Time

by Margie Lawson

You may have read portions of this blog on WITS in 2012. It’s still a winner.

Writers are all powerful. Well, in their fictional worlds they are all powerful.

Two of the 74,386 story dynamics that writers control are expanding time and compressing time.… Read the post

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Fresh Writing Sells: Make Hugs Carry Power

by Margie Lawson

Why a blog about hugs?

Because on the page a hug may be blah-blah. But it could carry this kind of power.

Her arms wrapped around me like chains, her whispered words the lock sealing my fate.

Wow.… Read the post

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Channel Your Strengths, Even When You Don’t Feel Strong

I haven’t felt strong since May 15.

If you don’t know about the tragedy in my life, brace yourself for devastating news.

My husband died in an airplane crash. And his death changed me, forever.

But when needed, I can be strong.… Read the post

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Strive for Excellence: Use What You Learn

Margie Lawson

Hellooo, Writers —

I’m excited to share some truly stellar examples in this blog.

I’ve guest blogged for WITS 30+ times and worked hard to make sure my blogs are power-packed with tips and techniques, examples and analyses. Every teaching point is there to help you make your writing bestseller strong.… Read the post

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