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Are You Making This Conflict Mistake?

By Janice Hardy

You might be missing opportunities to make your conflicts stronger. 

Conflict is one of those terms frequently used as a catch-all for compelling storytelling, when it’s really just one aspect of what makes a strong story. We use it even though we really mean the scene needs a clearer goal, or more tension, or a better character arc, but saying “this scene needs more conflict” sums it up in a convenient—if confusing—way.Read the post

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7 Fight Styles Every Author Should Know

Tiffany Lawson Inman
(aka Naked Editor)

Hello writers!  I’m glad to be here once again tossing around writing craft knowledge on the pages of Writers In The Storm. If you have read my guest posts on WITS before, you know I love talking about Crossing Emotional Barriers and Crossing Physical Barriers in Fiction.Read the post

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