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Confessions of a Writing Workshop Addict

Amy Sue Nathan

Twelve years ago, right in the middle of a memoir writing workshop online, I started writing fiction instead. From that day forward, I continued doing two things: writing novels, and signing up for online writing workshops. The comfort of taking a class while wearing my pajamas appeals to me almost as much as the bottomless bowl of popcorn by my side.… Read the post

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Fine-Tune Your Dialogue To Serve Your Story (And Your Reader)

by Amy Sue Nathan

Writing dialogue gets a character out of my head (and his or hers) and alive on the page in a conversation with other characters, and ostensibly, with the reader. It’s one of my favorite parts of novel writing.… Read the post

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Forward Momentum For Your Writing Career

Amy Sue Nathan

Amy Sue Nathan

I blame it on a lunch date. Or maybe I should say I owe it to a lunch date. Yes, my entire writing career is predicated on the fact that I met someone for lunch whom I’d never met before.… Read the post

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How To Get Out of Your Character's Way

Our guest today is Amy Sue Nathan, a debut Women's Fiction Author, with great tips on how to get out of your character's way.  I've heard great things about her novel, so be sure to check it out! Here's Amy:

When I hunkered down to write a novel about a divorced mom in the suburbs whose ex-husband had suddenly died, I had a little bit of trouble separating the words and actions of Evie, my main character, from my own words and actions. … Read the post

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