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The Difference Between Character Archetypes and Tropes

by Becca Puglisi

Stack of blocks showing the archetypes with outlaw being pulled out of the stack

What exactly is a character archetype? How many are there? And how are they different from character tropes?

These are the questions that were keeping me up at night as Angela and I started research for the newest thesaurus at our blog.… Read the post

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Unusual Inspiration: Character Arcs Made Easy

by Fae Rowen

I am a plot-driven writer. The plot arrives first in my head, then I look for  people who will survive and grow in that world.

My #1 concern? My characters MUST connect with my readers. To have the "best book ever" experience, your reader must believe in, root for, identify with, and, maybe even, cry or fall in love with your protagonist.… Read the post

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