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How to Create a Book that Sells and a Marketing Plan that Works (every time!)

Penny Sansevieri

Death_to_stock_communicate_hands_9For authors, there’s nothing more satisfying than writing the final sentence of a book that you’ve poured your heart and soul into. You can feel proud of what you have accomplished, but the hard work doesn’t end here.

Although you have completed the book, now you need to ask yourself whether you’ve written a book that is saleable.… Read the post

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Branding for the Multi-Career Author

Sierra Godfrey

Most authors have a day job, and sometimes we’re lucky enough for that be writing-related. They say that the creative brain has the ability to be creative in multiple ways, and you’ll often find those who write also paint, act, sing, compose.… Read the post

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How Writers Learn What They Need To Know

The Guinea Pig Diaries: Novel Edition
by Piper Bayard

I wrote a novel. For five and a half years, I wrote a novel. I didn’t just write it, I rewrote it, rewrote it, and rewrote it again. I ate it, slept it, drank it, and then I found some betareaders, and I rewrote it again.… Read the post

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