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Laura’s Big Guide to Conference Networking

(or How To Meet People in Mutually Beneficial Ways Without Feeling Like a Salesman or Wanting to Chew Your Eyes Out)

by Laura VanArendonk Baugh

Against a blue background are black silhouettes of men and women in various poses, some talking together and some isolated. with empty speech bubbles above their heads.

I see a lot of writers stressing about talking with other writers at events. The stereotype, of course, is that writers are writers because they would rather sit in a dark room by themselves than interact with other people.… Read the post

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We’re All in This Together, Anecdotes from the Front Lines

 By James R. Preston

I’m going to take a break from technical advice about structure or the gaming world and how the Boss Fight relates to fiction, and talk about meeting other writers and what you can get out of that.… Read the post

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