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Writers Helping Writers: Presenting to Writing Groups

by Eldred “Bob” Bird

Photograph of a large room filled with tables occupied by people watching a presentation on a screen at the front, a videographer off to the side and lights to illuminate the guest.

Now that the country has pretty much opened up again, the opportunities to present to writer’s groups in person are opening up as well. I recently had the chance to get back up in front of a group for the first time since the shutdown and I must admit, it felt a little foreign.… Read the post

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How to Engage Kids: The ABC’s of Author Talks at Schools

by Kris Maze

Grade school with kids at desks answering the teacher.

One author perk is the joy of sharing your writing with readers, and it can be extra-special to work with a younger audience in a school. But if you hold an author talk at a school, it’s important to set up expectations in advance to insure a successful event.… Read the post

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