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How To Get Attention (without mooning the Police) 

by Jaime Buckley

close up of police lights

The need for attention is a human trait we all share. It feeds our souls and validates our hearts. 

... unfortunately, some become addicted and need a shot of rehab.

Morphiophelius Smith

My little brother and I ran for cover once we saw the red and blue lights. … Read the post

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How to Painlessly Generate Dozens of Blog Ideas

by Lisa Norman

Steampunk Idea Generator

Writers ask me what to blog about all the time.

Recently, I was brainstorming story background (world-building) ideas with a writer. We were having a lot of fun just playing with the story. She stopped and stared at her screen full of ideas.… Read the post

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Our 100th Post...Who ARE Those WITS Bloggers?

In April, 2010, when Writers In The Storm was launched, we never contemplated making 50 posts, much less 100. We started this "blogging thing" as part of our yearly critique group goals.

We didn't know we'd have so much fun.
We didn't know we'd have so much to say.… Read the post

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