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Being a Cool Cat While Making Presentations

Cathy Lamb

Let’s talk about how to be a cool cat.

Specifically, let’s talk about how to be a cool cat when you’re making a presentation, giving a speech, or reading from your book.

Think: Props.

Yes, props.  No, you’re not on the theatre’s stage, but you are on stage.… Read the post

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Why Writers Should Head Into the Woods

Cathy Lamb

Camping tent under a night skyWhen I was about eight, my parents took my sisters, my brother, and me on a six week camping trip in a tent.

Yes, I said six weeks.

No, my parents had not lost their ever lovin’ minds. My father had a sabbatical, they were sick of the city, and they wanted out.… Read the post

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Writing is Like Golf

Cathy Lamb

I recently started golfing.My husband (nicknamed “Innocent Husband”  because the poor man can never be held responsible for what his wife says or writes), made me.

He has been hoping I would golf with him for over two decades.… Read the post

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How To Create Compelling Settings

Cathy Lamb

Old Homes With Secrets, Car Living, and Scottish Men in Kilts.

How To Create Compelling Settings In Your Books.


I don’t like boring words.

I like scintillating words. Words that are skippy and delicious, or long with multiple syllables that roll like literary candy out of your mouth.… Read the post

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