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Ways to Know Your Characters, Part 5- Impact on Plot

by Ellen Buikema

A character's impact on the plot involves all their traits. It's important to understand how their background, personality, flaws, and strengths influence the plot and move the story forward.

Character arc

A character arc is the journey of transformation that a character takes over the course of a story.… Read the post

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5 Conflict-making Choices Characters Can Make (Part Three)

The final post in this series will explore the ways your characters can be derailed by consumption and comfort. If you missed Part 1, which explored the need for control,  you can read it here. If you missed Part 2, about conceit and coveting, you can find it here.… Read the post

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What's Love Got to Do with It-Part Three


by Fae Rowen

If you missed Part One or Part Two in this series on developing a character arc through believable backstory, no problem. Click on the part you missed to get caught up.

Do you have a character whose arc has flatlined?Read the post

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Unusual Inspiration: Character Arcs Made Easy

by Fae Rowen

I am a plot-driven writer. The plot arrives first in my head, then I look for  people who will survive and grow in that world.

My #1 concern? My characters MUST connect with my readers. To have the "best book ever" experience, your reader must believe in, root for, identify with, and, maybe even, cry or fall in love with your protagonist.… Read the post

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