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How to Show Emotion in Characters Who Hide Their Feelings
Photo of a man with a short, tidy beard and concerned expression, wearing a zipped up hoodie, staring out a portal window

by Eldred Bird

As writers we’ve all had “show, don’t tell” pounded into our heads by teachers, editors, and other writers. That’s all well and good in most situations, but what if you have a character who doesn’t like to show how they’re feeling.… Read the post

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Write Authentic Characters and Connect With Readers

By Lori Freeland

manequins without faces

There are many crucial parts to putting a story together. But most writing teachers will tell you the key to catching and keeping readers is to build an emotional connection. One way to make  that happen is through authenticity—of your characters, their arcs and relationships, and how they react to the world around them.… Read the post

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Want Your Characters to Stand Out? Give Them a Skill

by Angela Ackerman

potter's skilled hands working with clay

One worry that can plague writers is whether their characters are original enough or not. After all, readers meet a lot of characters over time, so how can writers make sure their characters are fresh and interesting? How can they make sure their story’s cast has that WOW factor that ensures they stay with readers long after the book closes?… Read the post

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Character Building for Pantsers

Angela Ackerman

A common frustration for Pantsers is being told that the way they write is “wrong” and what they should do instead is plan more so their first draft will hold together better. This happens because Plotters are focused on ensuring their first draft is structurally sound so revising will be easier.… Read the post

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Do Your Characters Fight in a Way That Advances Your Story?


by Jenny Hansen

Today we’re going to open a discussion here at WITS about how your characters fight.

Some of my posse from More Cowbell, who also hang out here, have heard the terms "dirty" and "clean" fighting.

Those of you who are new to the concept are likely scratching your heads wondering, "What is all this Dirty/Clean Fighting business, and why do I want to know about it?"… Read the post

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