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Guest Post by Charlotte Carter: What's Your Favorite Christmas Memory?

I suppose everyone has a favorite Christmas. The year they got the bike they had so wanted. Or maybe a Chatty Cathy doll when those were popular.

My favorite Christmas was the year my daughter Carolyn was born.

My husband and I moved to Anchorage, Alaska when we were first married.… Read the post

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The Writing Journey: Giving Back

by Laura Drake

Tis the season.  Bell ringers with kettles stand outside stores, vying for territory with candy sale fund-raisers. We’re receiving charity requests every day in the mail, and at work, we’re adopting needy families for the Holidays.

Sometimes it seems easier to shut the door and close yourself in a nice quiet writing room.… Read the post

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Favorite Christmas Traditions -- A Historical Perspective

Compiled and edited by Sharla Rae

The holidays are upon us and everywhere you go, there are people rushing as lights wink merrily and Christmas music plays. Have you ever wondered about these treasured songs and how they gained popularity?

The dates and authors of some Christmas carols (red font) and events (green font) are debated but the following information is generally accepted. … Read the post

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The Beginnings Of Modern Christmas

Compiled and Edited By Sharla Rae

Writers such as Washington Irving, and Charles Dickens are often cited as inventors of the modern Christmas. Credit must also be given to the industrial revolution which was in full swing at the time. The growth of the railway made for faster postage and easy mobility.… Read the post

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A Brief History Of Christmas Traditions - In The Beginning: Celebrations of Rebirth

Compiled and Edited By Sharla Rae

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I also love history so researching Christmas traditions like Santa Claus, mistletoe, poinsettias, holly, and caroling came naturally. When I first started this project several years ago, I was like many of you.… Read the post

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