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7 Things Happy Writers Never Do

by Colleen M. Story

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Few things in the writing life are absolute. What kind of book should you write? It depends on your interests, passions, and skills. How should you market your book? There are many ways. You have to choose those that work for you.… Read the post

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5 Signs You Have "Writer's DNA"

by Colleen M. Story

You enjoy writing, but does that mean you should be a writer?

This can be a difficult question. Most of us don’t know if we have what it takes to be successful writers, and we may spend years allowing that doubt to interfere with our writing progress.… Read the post

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7 Ways Writers Can Overcome Holiday Anxiety

Colleen M. Story

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, the song goes, but unfortunately for many writers, it’s also the time when we’re most anxious and stressed out.

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In a survey of about 1,100 Americans, over half (54 percent) said they felt some symptoms of a syndrome known as “holiday anxiety.”… Read the post

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How to Use Your Time Personality to Increase Writing Productivity

Colleen Story

A girl goes into a bar. A guy takes a seat in the chair beside her. Using his most charming voice, he says, “Hey, girl, what’s your time personality?”

It could happen. In fact, the guy would likely find out more with that question than with the typical, “What’s your sign?” … Read the post

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3 Ways to Improve Your Writer’s Focus and Get More Done

Colleen M. Story


Have you ever sat down to write and after four minutes found yourself thinking about something else?

Were you frustrated? Irritated? Angry at yourself?

Well don’t be. With everything we all have going on in our lives—say nothing of all the distractions in today’s world—it’s very difficult to maintain focus on anything, say nothing of something as difficult and complex as writing a story (or article or poem).… Read the post

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