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Why the Word “Conflict” Frustrates so Many Writers

By Janice Hardy, @Janice_Hardy

“Not enough conflict” is a phrase I’d wager most writers have heard at some point in their journeys. It’s a complicated term that encompasses more than just a single event in a book, yet we often use it as if a novel has one conflict.… Read the post

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5 Conflict-making Choices Characters Can Make (Part Two)

Two days ago, in Part One of this three-part series, I began sharing how to use The Five Thieves of Happiness by John Izzo in our writing to provide inner conflict for our characters. I only had "time" in the first post to share one "thief."… Read the post

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Writing That Gets Noticed

Kathryn Craft

Turning Whine into Gold

Why should anyone pay you for your writing?

Few aspiring authors give enough thought to answering this question. It is your key to effective marketing, yet many writers would rather skip the tough questions, whine about discoverability, and resort to gimmicks.… Read the post

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Changing It Up-Use the Power of Change in Your Writing

Keyhole door-EgyptOur lives are about change.

Some people look at change as a bad thing, as something to avoid. Others view change as a possibility for something better. No matter how you feel about the life detours called change, nothing in our lives is permanent.Read the post

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When Do You Start The Story?

shannondonnelly_nm1Writers in the Storm welcomes Shannon Donnelly back, as this month, she gives us some great tips on starting in the right spot.

by Shannon Donnelly

When Do You Start The Story?

This is a good question—and maybe the hardest one to answer since there is no right answer.… Read the post

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